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“The Equitainer is the only way to reliably service mares with cooled semen, especially in North America where a stallion’s semen must be shipped great distances. We depend on the Equitainer to sustain the viability of cooled semen during the challenges of transit, like extreme heat and delays. When transport complications occur and delivery is delayed, we have been delighted to discover viable semen even at 72-hours, thanks to the quality of the Equitainer.”

Susanne Hassler, Breeding Manager

Hilltop Farms, Inc. Colora, MD

Pictured: Fascino by Festrausch bred by Hilltop Farm

Photograph: Richard Malmgren

"In the mule breeding business we deal with an extended breeding season. While most stallions books are closed by July, we are still collecting and shipping semen well in to August and September. I assure my clients that I use and will only ship our semen in an Equitainer, insuring them receiving the highest quality product not only during these hottest summer months but all season long."

Ann M Miller, Proud Owner of 5 Tube Style Equitainers

Timberlake Mules Camp Point, IL

For over 25 years, our company has led the industry in innovation, quality, and a commitment to unparalleled customer service.

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